Today one of the best ways to fortify your home or business is to install an intercom system. Ideal for communication between areas not in close proximity the systems also help you vet an individual before you decide to let them on your premises.


Lyme Bay Alarms can help you achieve this security as well as facilitate communication between internal rooms with our industry leading intercom products on offer.

Intercom systems produced perfectly for you


We tailor all intercom systems in line with a client’s premises as well as their specific needs. During our years active we’ve installed thousands of commercial and residential intercom set ups for personal and professional clients.

And in addition to the enhanced security that our intercom solutions can bring you we can service and maintain the systems on a yearly or monthly basis. As result Lyme Bay Alarms intercom solutions will not just help safe keep your property but raise the value of it.


If you’re thinking of installing an intercoms system call us today for a free consultation.